Who is Terri?

April 20, 2016

Terri is a mother of 4 who has Picture1.pngexperienced homelessness and domestic violence, and continues to experience food insecurity on a regular basis.  Over time you will learn about the various aspects of Terri’s struggle.  But today we’ll look at how she can feed four children and herself healthier food on a limited income.

One afternoon in April Terri and I were on the phone talking about favorite foods and grocery stores.  She described her favorite salad (romaine lettuce, olive garden Italian dressing, red grapes, red onions and croutons) that she made for herself months prior, and talked about how she could rarely make it because she doesn’t have the means.  The more she talked, confirming the reality of which I was aware (i.e. junk food is cheaper and more accessible) the more I realized that we didn’t need to wait to open the doors of A Place to Stand to create our first organic garden.

I suggested starting a garden to Terri and she was thrilled with the idea.  I asked if she thought the kids would participate in the process, and she was sure that they would.

Katy Malesky, Executive Board member and experienced gardener, put us on the right track.  Terri provided a list of vegetables and fruit preferences and we went to work.


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