It’s Just Another Thing I Can’t Have

May 5, 2016

The day that we went over and dropped off the soil, plants, garden frame and pots was exciting for the family.  Terri and her three girls Mikayla (14), Hayleigh (13), and Avery (11) helped to haul bags of soil from the car to the backyard.  Aydan (9) had a rough day at school, which results in difficult behavior at home.  He claimed that he did not want a garden and took the plants and started throwing them around the backyard.  Terri’s spirited attitude declined.  She was embarrassed, frustrated and defeated.  She told us to take our stuff.  “I can’t have a garden.  It’s just another thing I can have.  I don’t know why I thought we could do this.  I’m sorry.  Take it back.”  We left the soil and the garden bed structure, assuring her that we’d be back.  We kept the plants to keep them safe.


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